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18 shows during 5 tours
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favorite tour: Experience and Innocence tour
"I keep coming back to this tour, the setlist flowed really well. I liked the omission of The Joshua Tree songs and never thought I'd get to hear Acrobat and Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses. Bono's speeches were the best from any tour and the Songs Of Experience tracks sounded great live as well the older songs."
favorite show: 2018-10-24 - London
"Dream come true, being in GA by the main stage in my hometown. A couple of rows behind the rail on Adam's side and it was epic. Lost my voice during the show. Seeing the band that close was amazing and the crowd was great, from where I was standing."
favorite album: Achtung Baby
"A drastic change from The Joshua Tree and Rattle And Hum. It's darker than prior albums and I can't fault any song. Their best produced album. Absolute perfection."
favorite song: Elevation
"Purely for sentimental reasons, my favourite U2 song as a kid. Otherwise, I'd have a few songs at joint first."

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