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3 years ago
36 shows during 4 tours
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favorite tour: Elevation Tour
"It makes me think of myself in my mid-twenties. That summer, I traveled around Europe for about two months while watching their show."
favorite show: 2001-07-15 - Munich
"Totally unexpected, I was able to communicate one-on-one with Bono who singing New York."
favorite album: All That You Can't Leave Behind
"Because it contains Stuck In A Moment and Walk On. Both songs sympathize with me, who tend to stumbling on life, and at the same time encourage me to keep walking to see the unknown scenery. It was a perfect score if these two songs were recorded side by side."
favorite song: Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
"I feel like Bono is singing my circumstances, Living back to back with middle-aged crisis."

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