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favorite tour: Vertigo Tour
"It was pure joy. I got to sing 40 at the end of the 4 shows I saw and making it into the lottery part of GA was amazing. The fans were really enthusiastic as well."
favorite show: 2001-08-25 - Slane
"The emotion of the event was palpable. I had been studying abroad the past year and this was my first(and so far only) u2 concert outside of the United States. Bono's father had just been buried and his vocals were extremely emotional."
favorite album: Songs Of Experience
"This is my current fave. It speaks to me as a whole the best. I probably admire Achtung Baby more, but it's relative darkness doesn't relate to my current state of mind as well."
favorite song: Gloria
"It is very unique. It's praise of God caught on record, pure outpouring of the heart. It is trying to express the ineffable and this attempt fills me with joy."

about popsadie
I'm one of the annoying "religious fans." U2's music and story have played a huge role in my Christian faith ever since I sobbed at the computer lab listening to "Surrender' and prayed to God during my first semester of college in 1997. My favorite albums are eclectic..from War to October to AB to No Line to SOE to Pop. I'm on the politically conservative side of u2's fanbase, but for the most part I can get behind most of the band's message.
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