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16 years ago
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I live in a town called Runcorn which is 12 miles out from liverpool so im NOT a scouser,not that theres anything wrong with scousers im just not one.Got into U2 in the spring of 85 just b4 live aid,my big brother was playing Sunday Bloody Sunday and it was so differet from the crap i was into at the time and been a fan ever since,U2 played a big part off my life in the 90's as they were like the soundtrack to my army career and when i went to see PoPMart in scotland they blew me away,My 2 kids are bag into them and that allways puts a smile on my face ( my 5yr old loves the song Vertigo ) and sings it really loud. For me its MoFo really loud that does it i just love that albumas i was at a real good place in my life when it came out and i loved it from the 1st play.
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