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14 shows during 7 tours
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2001-10-13 - Hamilton
"I had the amazing pleasure to have U2 .."
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The Joshua Tree
truthsfate heard 11 songs from the The Joshua Tree album live.
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favorite tour: Elevation Tour
"Saw them in my hometown! "
favorite album: The Unforgettable Fire
"I've always enjoyed the atmospheric side of U2. Slightly un-polished and dream-like. Even the imagery of the artwork and video for the title track are stupendous. I like how the album meanders a bit and gets kind of disassembled by the end. "
favorite song: The Unforgettable Fire
"I remember seeing the video for the first time. I don't think I remember much for a few days afterwards...I was just in awe and in love with this band. So moody and dramatic with an uplifting piano chorus. After getting on board with Under A Blood Red Sky, these guys ripped my heart apart with this song. "

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Born and raised in Hamilton, ON Canada. Been in several bands since high school. Drummer. First instrument was bass guitar. I play Larry Mullen in a U2 tribute. I dabble in music production and have released a compilation of my original band's songs. I am fascinated by ancient civilizations especially art, technology, and architecture. Love the new age theories of Graham Hancock and his contemporaries. And I love golf. Play it. Watch it. Spend too much money on it, lol.
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