Male, 48
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United Kingdom
Head of a Sixth Form College
Music (love many bands including U2, RHCP, Blur, Joy Division, The Smiths, amongst others. Love football, big supporter of Everton FC
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17 years ago
26 shows during 10 tours
personal record

favorite tour: ZOO TV
"First show was GMEX 1992 so ZOO TV will always be my fav- love everything about it- the songs, innovation, the band's image, etc. Amazing"
favorite show: 1993-08-21 - London
"2nd show of 1993 for me but this was special. Followed closely by Glasgow 2 in 2015 and Wembley Popmart 23/08/97"
favorite album: Pop
"It changes from this and Achtung... both superb"
favorite song: Gone
"My funeral song... I always loved the guitar in the chorus (never the same live)."

about zooropa93
First heard U2 on The Tube in 1983 through my sister, then Live Aid, followed them since 1985 by listening to UABRS and UF then became obsessed from 1988. First show was 1992 when I was 16, ZOO TV indoors, what a start.
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