U2 - Red Light
War (1983)
  1. Recently I have found a U2 boot in my U2 cd collection, Red light Live Uk 1982.

    Opening song Surrender and closed with a Celebration.

    Good sound.

    On the cover there is no date mentioned, does some know from which date and venue this show is?
  2. That is an issue from the famous 1982-12-06 - London - Hammersmith Palais concert. One of my all time favs, pure energy, fantastic sound, great performances, and one of the few "almost complete" versions of New Year's Day (with the Oh, maybe the time is right... Oh, maybe tonight!!... bridge, although still without the So we're told... verses sadly ).
  3. Thanks for your info.
  4. you give me hopes to know a rare version of REd light live in UK in 1982
  5. yeah I thought the same before opening the topic, haha
  6. Sorry for this.......
  7. hahaha not big deal