The U2start Podcast

The U2start Podcast brings you insights into the world of U2 and U2 fans. We talk with passionate and dedicated fans. And most importantly, we make a lot of fun! Your podcast hosts are U2 fans Remy and Joeri. The podcast music is created by LikeASong. Join us on an adventure around the world as we follow the band around on tour.

#2 - Under Australian Skies: U2's History with Australia

Ethan from South Australia is our guest for this second episode. Ethan, a singer/songwriter himself, has seen all Australian U2 tours since Zoo TV and takes us with him on U2's journey across Australia. We start in 1984 and end in 2019, looking back as well as ahead to what we can expect of U2's 2019 tour and what it will be like for those who will attend these shows.

#1 - World Records, Relevance and Heading Down Under

We are joined in this first episode by Jaime, a fan since U2's Super Bowl performance. Jaime works for Guinness World Records, a record list full of U2. We talk about those records, discussing the ones which U2 holds and which they don't. And what do these records mean when it comes to "relevance"? And which fan holds the world record of the largest collection of U2 memorabilia?