The U2start Podcast

The U2start Podcast brings you insights into the world of U2 and U2 fans. We talk with passionate and dedicated fans. And most importantly, we make a lot of fun! Your podcast hosts are U2 fans Remy and Joeri. The podcast music is created by LikeASong.

#27 - Spectacular start in Vegas

The first two shows in the Sphere are behind us and in this episode Remy, Joeri and Joe take you through the show and share our personal experiences. We talk about the venue, the technology, the show, setlist and everything else going down in Vegas such as Zoo Station and merchandising. We also have some tips for those yet to travel to Vegas, such as where to stand or sit in the venue for the best experience.

#26 - The Vegas setlist: our dreams and expectations

Only a few weeks left and Remy, Joeri and today's guest Doug are dreaming up their ultimate Las Vegas setlist. What will be played? Which albums will be featured? Will Achtung Baby be played in order? We don't know anything yet and discuss the albums, the songs and Zoo TV to cook up our dream setlist and share our hopes and expectations for the real thing.

#25 - Counting down to Vegas

With only seven weeks to go, it's time to start the countdown to U2's residency at the Sphere in Las Vegas. Joe, also known as GA Joe, joins Remy and Joeri to talk about the latest news and rumors. We discuss the band, rehearsals, the latest on the venue and dream about how the setlist is taking shape.

#24 - Songs of Surrender

U2's latest album is the topic of this podcast. We are joined by U2 fan Reinier to discuss the tracks we like and the ones we don't. Which part is our favorite? Which songs do we want to hear live? Did we as U2 fans underestimate Songs of Surrender? We answer all these questions in just under an hour.

#23 - More U2 on the horizon, with Aaron from U2Songs

It's time to talk about our favorite subject: tour rumors. We catch up with Aaron from U2Songs and tell you all the information we have about U2's upcoming residency in Vegas, the Joshua Tree film, Songs of Surrender and future other U2 plans. We talk about Aaron's book which is coming out soon and answer questions from listeners.

#22 - Surrender, the book

This podcast is all about Surrender, Bono's memoir. Or as he likes to call it, a WEmoir. Joeri and Remy are joined by Jamey, a non-U2 fan who has been asked by us to read the book and share his thoughts. We go through all 3 parts of the book and talk about every aspect of it, including the audiobook.

#21 - The Stories of Surrender tour

Joeri and Remy attended some of the Stories of Surrender shows and are sharing their experiences and thoughts on the show, its narrative and legacy. We also talk about some of the recent developments in the U2 camp, including the possibility of U2 touring without Larry in 2023 and other tour and album rumors.

#20 - Boom Cha! Celebrating POP's 25th anniversary

We're finally back and in this episode we're celebrating POP's 25th anniversary. If U2 won't do it, we will. Karen from Connecticut is joining us. Karen is a longtime U2 fan and shares some great stories, including the story of the day she saw U2 perform and hold a press conference at K-Mart in 1997. We also look back on 2021 and ahead to the upcoming years; sharing the latest on U2's upcoming albums, Bono's book, the Netflix series and much more.

#19 - The origins and legendary moments of Mr. MacPhisto

In this first podcast of 2021 we go back and forth in time talking about the famous Mr. MacPhisto. The legendary character who travelled around the globe in 1993, only to return in a somewhat different form in 2018 and 2019. We explore the origins of the character, share and listen to his most famous phone calls and we talk with U2 fan Marco, who has been dressing up as MacPhisto and even made his way on stage impersonating this devilish figure.

#18 - The 50 most amazing U2 shows: part 4, the 2010s

In the last part of our series on the 50 most amazing U2 shows Remy, Joeri and Coen select the highlights from the huge number of shows that U2 has played during the 2010s. With five tours we had a lot to choose from so get ready for this final marathon discussing the best shows that U2 has to offer. A thank you to all fans who submitted their spoken memories and Sergio for his amazing music. A written version of the whole list with download links and more information for each show can be found on under Originals. Enjoy part 4 of 4: U2's most amazing shows from the 2010s.

#17 - The 50 most amazing U2 shows: part 3, the 2000s

U2 played 3 world tours in the first decade of this millennium, with quite some memorable shows. In this third part of our special series on U2's 50 most amazing shows we go through their best and most historic shows from the zeroes. As with previous episodes we have included spoken memories from fans around the world who attended these shows. Enjoy part three of four: U2's most amazing shows from the zeroes.

#16 - The 50 most amazing U2 shows: part 2, the 90s

The 90s is considered by many to be U2's best decade when it comes to liveshows. In this second part of our special series on U2's 50 most amazing shows we go through their best and most historic shows from the nineties. Also for this episode we have included spoken memories from fans around the world who attended these shows. Enjoy part two of four: U2's most amazing shows from the nineties.

#15 - The 50 most amazing U2 shows: part 1, the 80s

To celebrate U2's rich history we return after our summer break with a special series of 4 podcast episodes, highlighting U2's 50 most amazing shows in their career. We have selected the 50 most historic shows and Remy, Joeri and guest Coen have listened to all of them and share their stories and highlights. This special series also includes spoken memories from fans around the world who attended these shows. We kick off with part one of four: U2's most amazing shows from the eighties.

#14 - A lifetime of U2 memories with Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd is known as an American actress and political activist but she has also been a longtime U2 fan and a friend of the band. In honour of Bono's 60th birthday Ashley shares with us how she became a fan, how Bono's friendship inspired her in her political activism and what birthday present she will give Bono for his 60th birthday. A lifetime of memories and anecdotes spanning more than 30 years of fandom and friendship.

#13 - An industry update and U2 anecdotes from Jake Berry

Jake Berry has been working with U2 as the production director since the Elevation tour and we got the opportunity to talk with him. Times are tough for the concert industry and Jake tells us what's happening and what the future might look like (spoiler: hopeful). Working with U2 for so long means many great memories and stories and Jake shares some of those with us for this special podcast episode.

#12 - How U2 keeps us sane in times of insanity

While a third of the world is in lockdown we get together remotely with friend of the show Jaime from Florida. We talk about the things that keep us sane in insane times: the U2 Experience film and how this film ranks against other U2 live releases, what are highlights from these olders films worth watching again? We also talk about U2start's Original on Bad, for which Remy listened to more than 500 versions of Bad. Why would anyone ever do that?

#11 - Playing U2 Music, U2’s Musical Evolution

This episode is all about music. We talk about playing U2's music at home and U2's musical evolution. Longtime U2start crew member Sergio is our guest, Sergio has been singing and playing U2's music since he was a little boy and can tell you everything about chords, notes and guitars. Does Edge actually need as many guitars as he uses on stage? What goes on in the underworld on stage? And what song does U2 initiate when Edge holds his finger on the D minor? Whut?! Listen and find out!

#10 - Talking U2 and Music with High Flying Bird Jessica Greenfield

High Flying Bird member Jessica Greenfield takes us through her career with focus on her role in Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds and being part of U2's support act on The Joshua Tree tour. We talk about Jessica's musical inspiration, touring, The Joshua Tree tour, working with Noel Gallagher and about The Kondoors, the musical duo she forms with her husband. We also hear a great story from Brisbane last year, when Jessica and others were invited to see a movie in the cinema together with U2.

#9 - Seoul, Manila and Ending in Mumbai

The last 3 shows of The Joshua Tree 2019 tour are the focus of this episode and we talk about it with those who were there. We talk setlists, local fan experiences and share anecdotes from Seoul, Manila and Mumbai. We also answer questions from fans and discuss in length what’s next for U2, reviewing the status of the upcoming concerts films, new albums and what a future tour could look like. We thank you for a great 2019 and look forward to a new year of podcasts in 2020!

#8 - The Japan Experience with Aaron from U2Songs

In between the two shows in Japan we meet up with Aaron from U2Songs. We talk about the U2 experience in Japan from all aspects, including the unique experience Aaron had attending an event hosted by Larry the day before the show. We discuss the role and future of U2 fan sites and of course we get to know Aaron and U2Songs more. How do tour rumours show up and evolve? What has it been like to collect and catalogue U2 for decades? We also get a glimpse of Aaron's incredible U2 collection full of uncommon U2 memorabilia.

#7 - The Final Australian Show, Fan Events and Sydney

It is showday in Perth and we are joined by Nicole, a fan from Melbourne who led the way in bringing fans together in Australia organising fan events across the country. We talk about these events, how they came together and we look back she looks back on the Australian tour. We discuss the shows in Adelaide and Sydney in length and look ahead to the final Australian show in Perth.

#6 - From The Great Ocean Road To Adelaide

A day before the show in Adelaide we are joined in the city by Anita from The Netherlands, a fan who had quite a special experience with Bono back in 2015. We talk about the shows in Melbourne and Brisbane and have a look at what the local media is saying about The Joshua Tree shows. We go back in time to review the history of "The Drifting Cowboys" and try to make sense of what Edge and Larry are talking about during the shows.

#5 - From Auckland to Brisbane with a Longtime U2 Collector

A day before the show in Brisbane we are joined in the city by Scott from Canada. Scott has been collecting U2 memorabilia for over 30 years and has build up quite the collection. We talk about his favourite items, how items are valued, what his collection looks like and how to find more rare items. We also look back on the first two shows of the tour in Auckland and share an update from the ground in Brisbane.

#4 - Talking U2 General Admission with GA Joe

We are joined by GA Joe in Auckland, New Zealand a few days before U2's opening night of the Joshua Tree 2019 tour. And he's not our only guest as also Bono himself makes a brief appearance! We talk about the rehearsals and about everything else that is happening Down Under. Joe is famous for maintaining a guide to U2 General Admission, which we discuss in length. We talk about what the best spot is, how to get there, how queuing works and how to best take it on. We also answer the many questions sent in by fans.

#3 - The Ultimate Joshua Tree Tour Setlist Party

We talk everything setlists in this last episode before departing to New Zealand. We are joined by Ali, a fan from Iran and talk about what it is being a fan in Iran and U2's connections with the country. We also share the results of fan votes for the ultimate Joshua Tree setlist, and tell the story of U2's historic "backwards setlist" show.

#2 - Under Australian Skies: U2's History with Australia

Ethan from South Australia is our guest for this second episode. Ethan, a singer/songwriter himself, has seen all Australian U2 tours since Zoo TV and takes us with him on U2's journey across Australia. We start in 1984 and end in 2019, looking back as well as ahead to what we can expect of U2's 2019 tour and what it will be like for those who will attend these shows.

#1 - World Records, Relevance and Heading Down Under

We are joined in this first episode by Jaime, a fan since U2's Super Bowl performance. Jaime works for Guinness World Records, a record list full of U2. We talk about those records, discussing the ones which U2 holds and which they don't. And what do these records mean when it comes to "relevance"? And which fan holds the world record of the largest collection of U2 memorabilia?