copyright statement

U2start offers a lot of different content, ranging from recordings of to photos taken from U2 concerts. It is very important for U2start to state our position on copyright, to ensure that credit is given where credit is due and that no copyright is violated. On this page you can find all information on U2start and copyright.

general statement

  • All content are copyright their respective owners.
  • All content from U2start may be distributed non-commercially unless stated otherwise.
  • Where possible, U2start will state copyright or credit for content on the respective page.
  • U2start does it utmost best to guarantee that all content is here with permission or with a copyright label in our favour. However, we are humans and can make mistakes. See below on how to report copyright violations when you spot such.

copyright on show recordings

U2 has made it very clear over the years that they are fine with people recording their performances and trading them. The only condition is that people are not allowed to make money from those recordings. Something that U2start definitely does not, since we do not make any money. As Bono says, "We invite people to bootleg our shows. We invite people to make copies, we've no problems with that, but if some guy is gonna make money off the back of this, we're gonna find out where he parks his car".

More information: How does U2 feel about bootlegs?

copyright on photos

When a photo is uploaded to U2start there is room to credit the author of the photo, and to select the applicable copyright for the photo. For this U2start offers a selection of various CreativeCommons licenses to choose from along with the "All rights reserved" license, which means that a photo can only be shared or re-posted with explicit permission from the author. If U2start publishes photos with this copyright it means that U2start has obtained the necessary permissions.

The applicable copyright is displayed on the photo detail page. U2start crew members verify all photos submitted on the correct license and copyright. Obviously we only publish photos where copyright is in our favour, credit is given to the author of the photo and if required, the author has given permission toshow the photo on U2start.

More information: CreativeCommons licenses

copyright on forum posts or other user contributed content

All user contributed content such as forum posts or show reviews are posted without moderation from crew members. We however monitor all activity on violations of our house rules which include copyrights.

report copyright violations

If you think that content is in violation of a copyright and may not be shown on U2start, please contact us with a description of the violation, a link to the content itself and the requested action. We usually verify and action all reports within 3 working days.