U2:UV Achtung Baby at the Sphere
Legs (1): 2023-2024
Shows: 40
Tickets: 10
  1. 1 ticket in section 408 row 4 for Sunday 18th Feb looking to swap for a GA for 17th. Coming in from Ireland for weekend so trying to make both shows...
  2. Does anyone happen to have 2xGA for 17 Feb ?
  3. Looking for a ticket (preferably GA) for January 31.
  4. Looking for 2 G.A tickets for Sat Feb 17th or Sunday Feb 18th. T.i.a
  5. Over in the states for the 31st Jan gig, but if anyone has 2 decent seats for 2nd Feb they’re looking to sell, please DM
  6. I have 4 GA Tickets available for the show 15th Feb
    (unfortunately we are not able to go)
    If interested please PM
  7. Looking for 2 tickets for Dec 16th – have flight/hotel booked but no tickets. Thanks!
  8. Looking for seated tickets for shows in December. Thanks!!
  9. Looking for 1 GA for December 16th

    (I have a February 17th seat to trade if needed) Cheers!
  10. Have 2 GA tickets for Dec 9 show that I am looking to trade for GA tickets to a show in 2024
  11. I am looking for 2 tickets for februari 18.
  12. Looking for one ticket GA for either february 15, 17 or 18

    and a seat (not overhang) on either of these dates but not both the same day