U2:UV Achtung Baby at the Sphere
Legs (1): 2023-2024
Shows: 40
  1. Unfortunately, will not be able to go to shows, therefore I have 2 GA tickets available for Friday March 1.
  2. I'm looking for a GA to 3/1 and would gladly buy yours. How would you transfer?
  3. Hi
    I am unfortunately unable to get to this weekends final shows.
    I am selling my Accomodation and Tickets as a package.
    Accomodation is at The Palazzo for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights
    Tickets are for Friday 1st of March (2 x GA) and Saturday 2nd March (2 x Section 107)
    PM me if interested
    Thank You
  4. Hey folks, looking for 2 GA to Saturday (3/2). Will be in town that morning and able to roll in with anyone. We've been able to sell our extras 3 times so far at the Sphere and hoping for similar luck coming our way!!! Thx!
  5. I’m looking for one or two GA for tonight, 3/1. Anyone have a spare?
  6. Looking for any 2 tickets for tonight 3/1. Will be at Sphere if anyone has tickets for sale. Thank you
  7. WTB 1 GA, March 2
  8. Want to buy
  9. Looking to purchase 1 GA for March 2, if anyone has an extra one. Thanks a lot.