1. It's a game we used to play on an "old" forum.
    Don't know if we ever started it here someday, if so i couldn't find it. Anyway, i think it's pretty fun to play.

    Here we go with an example :

    I : bullet the blue sky (U2)
    You: bullet in the head (RATM)
    I: Head on (The Jesus and Mary Chain)

    Etc ....
  2. I go first:

    Cedarwood Road (U2)
  3. Yeah, we had something similar LONG time ago!
  4. Thunder road - Bruce
  5. Thunderstruck - AC/DC!

    (>>Struck In A Moment lol )
  6. Excellent!!

    Thunder and lightning - Thin Lizzy
  7. Lightning Bolt - Jake Bugg
  8. Crying lightning - arctic monkeys
  9. Big gay heart - lemonheads