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    "One of the best shows in the first leg. The band gave an amazing farewell to Joey Ramone. I really liked the setlist: how often can you hear 3 straight Pop songs in the '00s?"

    2001-04-15 - Portland, Oregon - Rose Garden

    Elevation / Creep (snippet)
    Beautiful Day
    Until The End Of The World
    New Year's Day
    Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
    Discothèque / Devil Inside (snippet) / Staring At The Sun (snippet)
    New York
    I Will Follow
    Sunday Bloody Sunday / Could You Be Loved (snippet) / Get Up Stand Up (snippet)
    Sweetest Thing
    In A Little While
    The Ground Beneath Her Feet
    Bad / 40 (snippet)
    Psalm 116 (snippet) / Where The Streets Have No Name
    Mysterious Ways / Sexual Healing (snippet)
    The Fly

    Bullet The Blue Sky / Whole Lotta Love (snippet)
    With Or Without You
    Pride (In The Name Of Love)
    One / Amazing Grace (snippet)
    I Remember You
    Walk On

    Comments on this show
    This Elevation show is special for many reasons, above all because it is one of the best shows of the first leg. Secondly, the setlist is very interesting with for instance 3 Popmart songs in a row. Third, Joey Ramone passed away earlier on the day which definitely added something to the show with a highlight being Bono to sing I Remember You as a tribute to him.

    We encourage you to listen to this show this month and write your own review, the more, the better. Enjoy!

  2. Fantastic show. The audience was really into it. One of the best Elevation Bad/Streets combos I've heard. Great rendition of One with lyrics changed to the memory of Joey Ramone.
    If you downloaded this show in the past, the new links fix a glitch during One, so you may want to re-download this.
  3. Originally posted by cesar_garza01:Fantastic show. The audience was really into it. One of the best Elevation Bad/Streets combos I've heard. Great rendition of One with lyrics changed to the memory of Joey Ramone.
    If you downloaded this show in the past, the new links fix a glitch during One, so you may want to re-download this.
    I THINK I've downloaded this show before, but I don't think I caught the cut off on One. Either way, I'm downloading this 'cause a seamless show is a great one.
  4. So on Saturday the 25th of April, we'll broadcast this show on this page. Check the top of this page for all timings and information Hope to have you all here then!
  5. Truly superb show, one not to miss. I'm sure the liveshow will be a success I sadly won't be around on the 25th but I will listen to it (again!) before or after and share my thoughts with you all too
  6. I was lucky enough to be at that show - it was amazing. Worth noting it was Easter Sunday that day - between that, the recent passing of Joey Ramone, and the Pop section of the set (which we went wild for) - this was the best U2 show I ever attended (and thats out of 3 Popmart shows, 4 Elevation Shows, 2 Vertigo shows and 1 360).

    Worth noting Bad/40 was also transcendent and Walk On had a power I hadn't seen since. Can't believe it's the same song performed on the 360 tour...not sure what has been lost in their performance of it, but that night, it was so, so powerful.

    Great show, high energy, great crowd, an Easter celebration.
  7. ^ Wow So lucky. It will be great to read your impressions song by song on Saturday 25th then, looking forward to it!!
  8. Dug up some souvenirs from that show - an review of the show in the local paper from the day after, and my wristband from the show.

    I won't be able to listen live, but did listen to the show again last night and remembered a few things:

    - during the Pop "set" (Gone / Disco / Staring), the lighting was bare bones, with a colored light on each member that tracked to their color on the Pop album cover (blue light on Adam, orange on Bono, Green on Larry, red on Edge). Was great and minimal. I do remember some of the crowd sort of tuned out when they started playing Gone, which was unfortunate (you can hear the shift on the recording), but rabid Pop fans like myself and others were going bonkers. To their credit, they played their heart out on those songs, as if they still had something to prove.

    - I remember distinctly being amazed that a Joshua Tree song hadn't been played for a long time in the set. I'm one to pay attention to trends in set lists, and note that it wasn't until SONG 16 that one Joshua Tree song gets played. Also note ONLY 1 Achtung Baby song was played up until that point, the next being Mysterious Was at song 17 of the set. That was really mindblowing at the show realizing JT and AB were so under represented, though it was great because songs like Sweetest Thing were making it in the set

    - Worth noting what I thought was the low point of the show: New York. The song really just didn't work, and as a lot of the crowd was checked out due to the Pop songs, New York really check a lot of others out. People leaving to grab beers, talking, etc. That was the low point...HOWEVER...when the first chords of I Will Follow came in, there was a RUSH in the crowd, practically going from talking amongst themselves to a rabid moshpit.

    - Before this show I had only seen Popmart shows, and had seen many videos of Zoo TV shows. There was something so intimate and refreshing seeing them play this way, other long time fans who went through Zoo and Popmart may remember this as well about the Elevation tour: what made it so memorable was that it was so intimate. It's like they took off their masks and were really there with you.

  9. I didn't go to the show, but The Bad -> 40 -> Streets section was amazing in this show. This was played many times in the Elevation show, but this show packed an extra punch not present in other shows. I get chills when listening to the Streets intro and the crowd responding in such an amazing way.
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  12. Thanks Cesar!