1. In this series we will be regularly interviewing fans during the tour to ask them about their personal experiences. Today we have an interview with VanHimmel, who attended the two Vancouver shows as the start of a journey in which he will attend 18 shows over the year of 2015.

    "I did like the second show more than I liked the first show as the audience was better and the band put on an amazing show"

    The Vancouver gigs are a start of your journey of doing 18 shows this year. Did the first two live up to your expectations?
    I really looking forward for the next shows. Vancouver was a good start, I really want to see more shows now.

    Can you tell us something about the differences between the two? In terms of setlist, vibe, general experience.
    Vancouver 1 was really interesting, something new. But I was not satisfied with the setlist. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For didn't really work for me as a closing song. I did like the second show more than I liked the first show as the audience was better and the band put on an amazing show.

    Did they play a song you didn't expect to hear? And did you expect any song that didn't get played?
    I didn't expect to hear When Love Comes To Town, I hope to hear Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World and The Playboy Mansion or something from No Line On The Horizon. And of course I want to hear Acrobat, Heartland or In Gods Country.

    Can you tell us the single best performance of the two nights, and why that is?
    For me the best performances were When Love Comes to Town and Cedarwood Road. Both were very powerful and during Cedarwood Road they really put on a big show with the amazing screen.

    16 shows to go: what are you hoping for next?
    For the next shows I really hope they still play different songs every night and like 360 maybe some entirely new.
  2. Wow 18 shows! That is alot of money!

    Nice interview! I want to hear the same songs.
  3. i agree, second setlist and the concert better than the first, but we have to understand that the first is always a little bit difficult . Larry came back from the funeral of his father in Dublin and means almost 20 hours flight , emotionally he was not in the right mood for sure. All details were improved in rehearsals but the timing and the technical syncronicity could have some problems. And i think they played with some nerovus feelings. I heard in video and mp3 some misttakes ,don't you? Bye everybody, who will be in Turin in September?

    ps sorry for my BAD english :-)
  4. Great interview. I was impressed with the video screen on Cedarwood Road and also the stripped back When Love Comes.
  5. 18 shows!

    First night was good, but the second was significantly better Good to get a judgement of the crowd from someone who was actually there too.
  6. Fanastic interview 18 shows, really? Wow, that's impressive. I hope you enjoy every one of them as much as you've enjoyed the Vancouver ones... And I hope you get enough setlist changes to make it worth it