1. UPDATE (vintage audience recordings):

    Thanks to @UnderARedSky I have updated the audio tab of 1982-12-01 - Glasgow, U.K. - Tiffany's

    Until today the database had listed a soundboard for this show, but there is in fact only one source for this concert and that is the brilliant recording by Malcolm Beaton. It is so good that has indeed been mistaken for a soundboard...but it is really an audience recording.

    Some other confusion regarding this recording concerns the recording gear. Both AchtungBootlegs and U2Depot have "Hybrid Casio Capsules" with the legendary Sony WM-D6 (how different would the world have sounded without it?!). But in 2014 a new (24-bit) transfer of the master tapes stated "Audio Technica AT-821" microphones. I take it that the 2014 information is correct, but I have no 100% confirmation.

    However, three variations are circulating:
    1. The "old" transfer from the master tapes (with incorrect source info stating Casio hybrids insteat of AT 821's) - the one mistaken for soundboard and having over 1300 downloads here at U2start.

    2. The silver pressed bootleg "A Day At Tiffany's" (U2T11282) taken from the "old" transfer, but with different track index. (New to the database: mp3 & flac)

    3. The "new" 2014 transfer. This is 24-bit (48kHz) and states the AT-821's as the microphones used (in combination with the Sony WM-D6). I have added 48kHz mp3's of this new transfer to the database (dithered down to 16-bit using MBIT+ with iZotope RX 07 and directly converted to mp3 by this RX 07...)


  2. UPDATE (vintage audience recordings):

    'The Joshua Tree' Tour - Europe 1987 ...continued

    1987-06-12 - London UK - Wembley Stadium (first night)

    After Gothenburg the tour continued with two gigs at the old Wembley Stadium in London. Most famous, I guess, is the soundboard recording of the first night ( @Bonoman66 transfer). I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of this soundboard. The first couple of songs suffer from a massive and therefore very annoying delay on Bono's microphone. Each thing he utters in that microphone is repeated 5 seconds later...

    But the odd thing is that this delay can also be heard on the vinyl bootleg "Stories Of Boys" by the Amazing Stork Records. Only this source seems to be an audience recording. However, other audience recordings don't seem to have this issue, but perhaps this is due to the rather poor quality of these sources (e.g., "With Or Without You", "Camden Market Tape"). The amount of noise and hiss make it very hard to distinguish this
    5 seconds delay. And this is about the only positive thing that can be said about these audience sources...this is certainly a "plus" for these recordings.

    I think that the "With Or Without You" source is potentially the best audience source, but it'll need some work to temper the loud and distorted bass. It also requires a bit of speed/pitch adjustment as it seems to run slightly too fast. But even then it would still be a rather mediocre recording for a show that I personally think is not half as interesting as the Gothenburg show, or the Wembley Stadium gig from the following night...

    1987-06-13 - London UK - Wembley Stadium (second night)

    There are at least two different audience sources. One comes from an Unknown Analogue Generation tape that was transferred and shared by @Rick14 on U2Torrents. Another source can be found on the "Do You Believe In Soul Music?" bootleg/recording. I think the latter is the most pleasant to listen to. Although still a bit hissy with a substantial amount of surface noise, the sound is very well balanced and the show seems to be represented at more or less the accurate speed.

    What still is a bit of a mystery though is the vinyl origin of this show. The vinyl is clearly to be distinguished (but in a non-disturbing comfortable way), but I can't seem to find any other on-line references to this vinyl bootleg, let alone pictures of its art. Perhaps @dema75 still has these vinyls and can shed some more light on this mystery.

    Apparently there is also a transfer of a "Sony WM-D6 - Sony ECM Mics" master. Not sure if this is a third source or if it belongs to one of the two mentioned (hopefully the "Do You Believe In Soul Music?" source!), see details under the spoiler tag:

    Spoiler (click to toggle)

    Hopefully someone will make this master available once again, because it is no where to be found and this second Wembley Stadium show was truly outstanding!
  3. I agree with the Wembley remarks - the 12th is the "famous" show but only for its mediocre soundboard, and has historically eclipsed the 13th as the truly superb London night of that tour! Thanks once again for this great work Joyce
  4. UPDATE:

    1998-03-21 - Johannesburg, South Africa - Johannesburg Stadium

    To celebrate the 21st anniversary of the legendary Popmart Jo'burg concert, I've updated the show page / audio tab with 3 new bootlegs and/or concert recordings.

    All sources are "pro" sources:

    "Last Night On World Tour '97-98", the one that was already in our database, is taken from the TV broadcast and in my opinion it is the least attractive source.

    "Going, But Never Gone" and "Pop Giants" are identical (sound and track index) and seem to originate from an FM broadcast. Although the lineage of "Going, But Never Gone" speaks of a "video master", it was not uncommon those days to record only audio on a VHS tape. One, because the tape was much longer and capable of recording the entire show, and, two, because it yields better results in terms of azimuth, tracking and more stable tape speed than ordinary tape decks. Of course, the high-end tape decks are a different story.

    Last but not least there is the bootleg CD-R "Human Rights Day - Last Night Of Popmart", which is exactly the same as the silver cd "Human Rights Day" [U2SA 21398A/B]. I suspect these bootlegs also originate from the FM broadcast (they have the FM-signature), but pleasantly remastered.

    Happy 21st of March...

    PS: please note that for most parts of the world Human Rights Day is celebrated on December 10. South Africa is the exception by celebrating it on March 21st.
  5. UPDATE:

    Thanks to @Sailorman1973 the 2018-10-12 - Milan, Italy - Mediolanum Forum (2nd night)
    show page / audio tab has been updated with the silver pressed cd bootleg "Avanti Milano" (Golden Eggs).

    The sound is phenomenal because this bootleg features the MLK recording (Sharebear remaster)…

    Thanks for liberating

  6. Is it really liberating a recording if the recording was already widely released?
  7. It's liberating the silver cd bootleg, of course. So we can check what's on it. And make it less interesting to buy...perhaps...hopefully...
  8. By the way, a huge thanks for the site update a few weeks ago that shows exactly which recording/download on any particular show page was updated recently. Of course, 9 times out of 10 its easy to figure out, but sometimes that info comes in super handy.
  9. Originally posted by BigGiRL:[..]
    It's liberating the silver cd bootleg, of course. So we can check what's on it. And make it less interesting to buy...perhaps...hopefully...
    Sure, but the music is the same. Do both need to be hosted?

    (I'm just being my usual fussy self).
  10. It's a good question. Didn't see it coming to be honest, although I'm aware of MLK's disclaimer about not selling the recordings. But we're not selling.

    The aim of the database is to give a comprehensive overview of all U2 recordings, and preferably with direct access. A work in progress and nowhere near of being ready, but this on a side note.

    In this case the entry of the Milan 2 silver bootleg is informative, and we like to give people the choice of download. Perhaps some prefer the Golden Egg cut, who am I to say.

    But if you or MLK think it is inapropriate for U2Start to host this bootleg, I will consult with @remy to take it down.

    (written from my phone, sorry for typos/spelling errors)
  11. Nah I don't think it's necessarily inappropriate, I just find it strange that we'd be hosting duplicate audio with a slightly different package. And of course, the package doesn't matter so much when it's downloadable.