1. Yeah Zagreb has been added now as well: 2009-08-09 - Zagreb...

    Similar situation to Washington but the other way round: for Zagreb, some unskilled guy at the bottom of Audacity's learning curve got Macphisto's 3.5✮ recording and basically messed it up Now it's louder, harsher, better at some spots but usually worse, and features inexplicable fade-in and fade-out at the start and end of most songs. But since we strive to be the most complete U2-bootleg source out there (aren't we already?) we have added it for the sake of completism.
  2. That made me laugh too hard.
  3. There was a request in the forums to update the ZooTV Birmingham show, so I put the (better) version "Hallelujah, Now My Girl Has Desire!" (love when bootlegs had titles). It's a fun show with a rare R&H trio AOH/WLCTT/AIWIY instead of Bad, Larry singing Whiskey in The Jar, and SBS. No Ultraviolet, though.
  4. Didn't the taper SH release a master transfer for that show a while back?
  5. Uploading the Las Vegas 2009 Matrix in just a bit.
  6. Las Vegas 2009 (u22utoo,ChrisEdge Matrix)
    Link available for 7 days!
  7. --
  8. Two new torrents have appeared on U2Torrents. A new source for the 1987-09-18 show and a brand new IEM for the first 2009 Zagreb show.
  9. Nothing new about that Boston 1987 recording
  10. It was banned ... sourced from Wolfgang lossy