2015-10-05 - Barcelona
Tour: Innocence and Experience tour
Songs played: 27
Audio recordings: 3

  1. The Innocence + Experience tour will hit Barcelona, Spain.

    4 October: fan meeting & party with tribute band
    On 4 October in the Music Hall in Barcelona, tribute band AchtungBabies will play and host a party for U2 fans. We will be there, will you?

    Note that show will start later than in other countries.

    Portes: 18:30 h
    Concert: 21 h
    Final: 23:15 h

    2015-10-05 Barcelona, Spain
    2015-10-06 Barcelona, Spain
    2015-10-09 Barcelona, Spain
    2015-10-10 Barcelona, Spain

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  2. YES. Only a month to go I'm having a hard time at home trying to convince the missus that I want to go to all 4 shows even if it probably means our bankrupt
  3. I will be coming to Barcelona on my own for the show on the 9th, and I have a ticket for the Pista. Maybe somebody who's also going to the concert want to meet up? Would be cool to meet some other fans! This is my very first U2 concert by the way. :-D
  4. I'll be there on the 9th.
  5. I´ll be in Barcelona from October 4th till October 7th. but rather to go to bar to watch the Madrid derby
  6. I'll be there from the 3th to the 10th, going to the first two shows. It'll be a great week!
  7. I'll be in from the 8th until the 13th. Attending just the 9th so far. Looking forward to it
  8. Jealous. Pesky house buying getting in the way.
  9. Spanish Eyes on the E Stage?
  10. predictables even in the "unpredictable"
    (Stay in Berlin)