2015-10-17 - Cologne
Tour: Innocence and Experience tour
Songs played: 27
Audio recordings: 3
Videos: 1

  1. The Innocence + Experience tour will hit Cologne, Germany.

    Special coverage from U2start
    Remy will take care of special tour coverage via our Snapchat channel (stories mode, username: U2start).

    Special post-show chat with @U2tour
    We will host a post-show chat after each show, keep an eye on our Periscope channel or add us on Periscope (U2start): http://www.periscope.tv/u2start (watch them back via http://katch.me/u2start). This time, we will co-host the chat together with U2tour.de, the biggest German U2 fansite. We will look back on the six German U2 shows in 2015.

    2015-10-17 Cologne, Germany
    2015-10-18 Cologne, Germany

    Will you be at any of these shows? Click on the date, and then add yourself to the list of attendees.

    The entire first show in Cologne in full HD, with 8 bonus songs (OOC, Bad etc.) from Cologne 2:

  2. Ticket drop for Köln happening right now
  3. Im after a ticket for the Saturday if anyone has a spare
  4. I'll share the love and enlightenment. 200 euro tickets on Eventim.de for the Sunday night (18/10) at the moment if anybody is interested. A bit steep.
  5. 200 euro tickets now available for both shows.
  6. Does anybody know where they are staying in Cologne?
    Greetings. J
  7. So who will be there?

    I´ll be there sunday - have seats now
  8. Will be there for both shows, both seats this time so off to a relaxed weekend for a change. One behind the stage and on on the long side. Will also add one day to enjoy the city, as I'm told its full of nice people and a real nice atmosphere.

    Anyone who joins is also welcome to our post-show chat, I'll probably approach some of you before the shows. Just make sure your name is added to the show page Enjoy!
  9. i´ll join the chat - given that my BF is up for it