Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Legs (3): Leg 1 - North America, Leg 2 - Europe, Leg 3 - The Americas
Shows: 52
  1. so... do you guys think a live dvd is likely for this tour?
  2. double dvd and blu ray, one gig of the joshua tree tour and one of the next part of the innocence + experience

  3. Doesn't make sense because next part lf I&E-tour will be in 2018 so there would be too much time between this tour and the dvd release (that could only be released at the end of the new I&E-tour)
  4. Subscriber gift for 2018? Would actually be a really cool gift.
  5. Maybe some JT art. They know fans mostly care for pre-sale codes.
  6. I'm hoping it's a pro-shot of this show and/or an old JT pro-shot that's been remastered. Possibly the Tempe show that was filmed for Rattle and Hum?

    On that note though, I hate that U2 always jump the gun on their tour dvds, or at least they seem to. They should really wait until the end or at least middle of a tour before they start thinking about releasing a video. 360 2009 (Rose Bowl) vs 2011 was vastly different, and I'd argue the 2011 show was better - they should've waited.
  7. Ofcourse there will be a dvd, this tour is so special. I hope U2 picks out the best songs from this tour, and not from 1 concert. I hope a cd too. Officially their second after Under a Blood Red Sky. So it must be time for it.
  8. pro-shot would be great, but a live album for the 30 year anniversary would also be majorly cool. (give us both pls )
  9. It's not authentic J-Tree if they don't bring back Shine Like Stars at the end of WOWY.

  10. Going to my first 87 show(s), I didn't love Exit or Bullet and both turned out to be highlights live.

    Really looking forward to hearing/seeing Exit live again. Proabably more than any other song from the album although of course Red Hill will be exciting for everyone... if Bono can hit the notes.

    Trip should be really fun too.

    Full circle. Really looking forward to this.