1. In this series we will be regularly interviewing fans during the tour to ask them about their personal experiences. Today we have an interview with Ivan & Andrea, two brothers from Italy who attended the second show in London and both got to go on stage to play Angel of Harlem on a guitar which they could keep afterwards.

    "It was really cool, but it was also almost 'normal' to play with them, like we were playing with our own rockband in front of our fans!"

    You and your brother went to the second show in London, how was your day? Did you queue for long and was it pleasant to queue?
    The days of U2 concerts are always nice, you're waiting in the queue enjoying the time with friends and you meet new people who have the same passion. It's special.

    You went to the show with a sign, can you tell us what was on the sign and why you brought it to the show?
    We went to the concert with a sign, in which we wrote "2 GUITARS players & brothers! Can we play with U (2)?" You know very well the reason of this choice.. mission complete!

    Did you know in advance you would have more chance at London 2 than another show to get on stage?
    We knew that in recent shows, the probability of going on the stage has been the highest during "Angel Of Harlem", and this usually is played in the setlist of second date in every city! But we showed the sign also on the first night.. Maybe Edge saw us!

    Tell us all about THE moment: Bono saw your sign, what happened next until you got back in the GA?
    The moment.. the one which we still don't believe happened! The time stands still. Bono came to us to see exactly what we had in our hands.

    He read the sign and ask to us: "Ohoho, a guitar player?"
    We screamed: "Twooo!! Brothers!! Two brothers!!"
    Edge: "Two guitars!"
    Bono: "Two brothers! Do you know Angel of Harlem chords?"
    We: "Yeesss!"
    Bono: "Ok, come on stage!"

    And we went on stage to play with two guitars! Andrea took the guitar from one person of the crew near the e-stage, while the great Dallas (Edge's assistant for those of you who don't know him) came to me with a second guitar! Picks in our hands, the song started.. Bono and Edge looking us during the song.. It was exciting! During the end of song Bono took us around all over the stage and the catwalk! All crowd applauded us, very exciting. We went down from the main stage and a lot of people of the crew gave us compliments and -that was so incredible - they gave us two guitars! We agreed with Scott (U2 security) to meet him at the end of the concert, outside of the arena. So, we returned to the place in the front of the e-stage, back to our friends and parents. It was really cool, but it was also almost "normal" to play with them, like we were playing with our own rockband in front of our fans!

    Could you still enjoy the show afterwards? How did you experience the rest of it?
    It was very strange for us to see the final part of the show, it felt like another concert! They looked like two different lives. After the concert, all fans who saw us gave us compliments and wanted to take pictures with us! Then, we waited for the guitars, which Dallas brought to us! Fucking cool! Dallas is our idol like The Edge! On the way to the hotel, while on the subway, we stopped with at least 200 people who wanted to take pictures with us and to shake our hands. A night to stars! We hope its the first of many night like it. We would like to further grow with our band Revangel, thanks to this event.

    How do you look back on your amazing experiences now, a few days later? What are your remaining tour plans?
    It's hard to believe that it happened! Many things are happening now, all our friends are writing us, and a few newspapers, radio and TV have called us too. We have no time to realise the main fact: we have played with our idols! But when we think this.. we think that it would have been the better thing that could be happen until now. Planning.. another dream is about to come true.. to see another U2 shows for the first time in Dublin on 27 and 28 November in GA! But the most important thing is that we want our own band Revangel to become bigger, that's all we want. "I’m more than you know...I’m more than you see here.. There is no (only) them.. There’s (also) us"

    Thanks for participating, Ivan & Andrea!
  2. Incredible story, so (positively) jealous of you both Enjoy the experience and the memories!