1. So anyone else here (really) likes this band? It's a 2 guy band, they have some pretty good songs.
  2. funny coincidence, I'd just heard about them as I was compiling a mix tape for someone as a gift, and someone else contributed a song by 21 pilots (namely tear in my heart!)... listenting to that song, I thought they were your typical american wanna-be punk rock band. I had no idea stressed out was by them! and heavydirtysoul really impressed me here... musically, they seem to be a bit all over the place, so I'm taking back all my earlier assumptions! worth keeping an eye out for...
  3. Just bought tickets to see them live in amsterdam
  4. i like the stressed out
  5. bought the blurryface album today. do NOT regret it. great stuff
  6. Must be a generation gap thing. I must be too old...Their big hit had a little charm for a minute or two, but after ten listens, I hope their album gets lost in the dope days they are singing/rapping about. Nothing about their sound is all that creative, but so many sounds have been made, so I at least am happy this band is not an auto tune garbage band...at least I hope so lol.
  7. looking into getting tickets for their show in düsseldorf. still available.