1997-09-23 - Sarajevo
Tour: Popmart
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 3
Videos: 1
  1. A special series of #U2liveshow dedicated to U2's upcoming 40th anniversary. We will broadcast 5 legendary U2 recordings from 27 August to 24 September, every Saturday. Many coincide (closely) with special anniversaries. Enjoy!

    About #U2liveshow
    As part of #U2liveshow we will host many liveshows (audio, but also video if possible) with lots of interesting stuff around it. We will plan them on different dates and times to accommodate as many fans as possible. Every liveshow will also have a rotating host, which will be crew members and fans such as yourself. If you want to host one, let us know!

    About this show
    We'll end our #U240 series with the show that took place on 23 September 1997 in Sarajevo. The day after its 19th anniversary we will broadcast this legendary show, which Larry later described as "an experience I will never forget for the rest of my life, and if I had to spend 20 years in the band just to play that show, and have done that, I think it would have been worthwhile."

    1997-09-23 - Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Kosevo Stadium

    Broadcast details
    Date and time: Saturday 24 September, 7:00 PM GMT
    By who: I, Remy, will be your host.
    Where: In this topic and on our Mixlr

    We hope to see you there, add it to your calendar

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