1. can't believe the megaphone is top of the list.....
  2. Gotta be that hypnotic POPmart brolly!

  3. Fore!
  4. Of course the big light in Lovetown.
  5. The big light is a cheap answer because it was used for 40 too


    (truthfully, nothing beats Bono shining the light on Edge for the solo. I actually love the cover of Rattle and Hum for that reason)
  6. The I+E Tour Megaphone hands down!

    While all the other Bullet props have been and are amazing, Bono with a megaphone is like an extra weapon. An extension, an extra "mouth" to Bono's political voice. It's like he's a leader at a Peace Rally. It's absolutely BOSS to me.

    2nd favorite prop to me is the PopMart umbrella! It's the USA flag on an umbrella!! That is AWESOME! Also conforming to the PopMart theme of consumerism nicely.
  7. CoeXisT such a great message