1. Super deluxe 4CD version for me
  2. They should have the digital purchase on the poll. Cuz I'll buy the new stuff that way.

    But. . . I'm probably gonna get the two-disc set honestly. I don't have a physical copy of the Joshua Tree (*gasp! so I might as well.
  3. ordered the vinyl box set, won`t get any of the others. it will sit nicely with my JT pizza box and JT collection.
  4. Pizza box?
  5. Gonna do the digital download it's a lot cheaper!
  6. Full CD & Vinyl sets
  7. Nothing. Rip Off.
    I highly likely won't buy any of their further physical releases.
  8. They are crazy enought to left Paris DVD out of it. omg.
  9. Which Joshua Tree collectors edition will you buy?
    I won't buy any edition - 34.2%
    The CD super deluxe boxset - 26.9%
    The vinyl super deluxe boxset - 19.1%
    The 2 CD deluxe - 12.8%
    The standard vinyl - 1.8%
    The standard CD - 1.1%
  10. I guess I'm the only sucker to have ordered both the vinyl and cd delux sets !!