1. Hopefully they realized they should stay out of it.
  2. I really hope ASOH is a regular and is played at every show. I might die of happiness if I hear it in person.
  3. Show day! Does anyone know links for potential
    Mixlr and periscopes?
  4. I think SBS and NYD will be powerful back-to-back. Can't wait. Almost 20 years to the date since I saw Pop Mart 1997.

  5. Errr now he's the president they won't have the balls to play it

  6. It's actually been very brief, just 7 public rehearsals... It's gone way too fast! Just 10 hours to know what they rehearsed in private
  7. They mocked George Bush Sr. when he was president. I think they'll still do it (and should).