2017-07-29 - Amsterdam
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Songs played: 23
Audio recordings: 4
  1. Topic for the upcoming JT Tour multicams for the Amsterdam shows.

    Night 1:

    DutchU2Fan - Parts of songs - GA
    Happy24 - Parts of songs

    Night 2:

    DutchU2Fan - Parts of songs - GA
    Happy24 - Parts of songs
  2. count me in
  3. Seems nobody will film the show, dead topic...
  4. Ill be on the first show, hopefully only dancing, I leave the vídeos for the dvd...its U2 and ill be partying and dancing, probably one of the few
  5. Your 2015 work looks great, DutchU2Fan! If you do now, it will be an honor to have them in my collection.
    Anyone know if we will have some official recording of TJT2017 ???
  6. I will film both nights and make a multicam of night 2.
  7. For anyone that's thinking of filming this show, I've just started a thread on FILMING TIPS & TRICKS. For those who aren't 100% up on their filming technique, they may want to delve in there to improve their filming skills, & those who are familiar with filming may want to offer advice & tips on the thread.

    It's located here,

    The first topic I have written about is EXPOSURE. Mainly to prevent overexposure, that dreaded GHOSTING, where the band member's faces are totally blown out & white.

    A word of warning, the first post is huge, & quite detailed. Plenty for newbies to learn. But maybe too in depth for some. If this is the case, reading the BOLD text may be more than enough. Alternatively, the second part in the thread is a very short SUMMARY. Which some people may find useful.

    Enjoy the show peeps. Wish I could be there too!
  8. More people who are planning to film/ make a multicam?
  9. People planning to film night 2?
  10. I will be there both nights, filming some snippets. I will gladly share them of course