1. Hi all, just getting into this site and posted this question on @U2 before realizing there were forums here. Would love recs for your favorite HQ versions of Bad - especially ones with great Edge peaks. Thanks.
  2. Rome 2010.
  3. Rattle & Hum (Denver 87 I assume). Seeing this and Streets on the cinema screen made me a lifelong fan.
  4. Ummm, Brussels?
  5. of any performance since the vertigo tour, the hoserama IEM/aud matrix of chicago 2015 is my favourite. great performance, good crowd and one of the best snippets i can remember for a long time
  6. 1990-01-10: Sportpaleis Ahoy - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Bad / All I Want Is You (snippet) / Norwegian Wood (snippet)

    Good sound for the time. Might not be as clear as others, but it's definitely my favourite version of Bad. The passion and energy in this performance is amazing. Also Bono really pushes his voice and manages to find something special. Definitely worth a listen.
  7. On U22 Bad/All I Want is You. Or even Live Aid. Or the next coming show at Ams1. It's hard to tell for this amazing song.
  8. I don't know what kind of sound your into in a bootleg but for this song I'd probably just check out all the 5 star rated shows with Bad in it and you'll probably need to pick your own personal favourite from that. My own personal favourite is Brussels 2 on the 360 tour, obviously bias since I was there but it was a nice surprise at the time and a great performance of the song plus I like the different recordings available on here from that show.
  9. For me, it's Rosemont, 1987-04-29
  10. Irving Plaza 2000-12-05

    Best snippet ever
  11. It's not in HQ, but check out Hartford, 1987-05-09.