2017-07-12 - Berlin
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Songs played: 24
Audio recordings: 4

  1. The Joshua Tree Anniversary Tour will hit Berlin, Germany.
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    2017-07-12 - Berlin, Germany - Olympiastadion

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  2. Hi, my question may be silly but does anybody know whether you may bring a non-DSLR camera to the Olympic Stadium? My ticket says clearly "no photography", while the rules published on the stadium's website prohibit only DSLRs and interchangeable lens cameras. Is it usual for U2/Live Nation to prohibit photography in their concerts?
  3. You'll be fine with just a regular point-and-shoot camera, no worries
  4. Well, I thought so but was a bit taken aback by the rules on the ticket. (Although they are written in German and I might pretend to have zero knowledge of the language if necessary... )
  5. Hahaha no worries whatsoever, the tickets can be very intimidating and confusing at times!
  6. One week to go I so need this time-out from real life. Bring it on
  7. !!! Boarding my plane to Berlin in 5 days. !!!
  8. FIY, there's a tour of the Hansa Studios e.g. on the 11th in the morning, just in time for the concert! (Just google it up... )
  9. I think we already booked a tour on the 11th as well
  10. So how was the GA procedure for Olympiastadion during 360?
    I was wondering how the lining works there? They have literally zero policy posted anywhere. I asked them but no reply yet.
  11. It is true escapism. I would so love to see them in Berlin. Have a great time.