2017-07-29 - Amsterdam
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Songs played: 23
Audio recordings: 4
Videos: 1

  1. The Joshua Tree Anniversary Tour will hit Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    This topic is for all discussions pre, during and post-show!

    2017-07-29 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Amsterdam ArenA
    2017-07-30 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Amsterdam ArenA

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    Many of the U2start crew will also be in Amsterdam, see you around!

    We will host a party & meet-up with an amazing tribute band on Friday night in the city of Amsterdam, more details soon!
  2. O - Y E A H
  3. Where's everyone staying in Amsterdam? Prices are looking a little fruity.
  4. yeap...that might be a problem...

    I booked my room about 3 months ago and still I had to pay 135 euros for a double room (in the center of the City)
    And the price has gone up to 200+ euros per night

  5. Now Look what I found in my cupboard!

    30 years old.....
  6. maybe, ... it's really yellow and out of shape now....

    and I like my new U2start JT30 T-shirt more!
  7. Thanks for the appreciation I would wear one each night!
  8. staying in walking distance to the amsterdam arena for one hell of a price should be worth it though.
  9. Airbnb for a reasonable price just to the north of the city centre across the river (?), booked about a month back
  10. Nevermind, I thought this was the Dublin thread
  11. I'm close to the centre, about 100 euros a night. Booked early February. .