1. Originally posted by LUGON:Great show last thursday in Paris. Trabendo is a very cool room, perfectly sized for Inhaler.
    The audience was great and loud. Many girls....
    Elijah looks more and more confortable as front man.
    They will play huge festivals in the summer, hope they will continue to grow.
    Support band 'Sun Room' was pretty cool too, with their beach boys sound. Also highly welcomed by the audience
    Some u2 guys in the audience, also Brigitte was there

    She’s everywhere
  2. Well done. I wouldn't do that too and it was pretty close too showtime as well.
  3. Are the u2 fans that attend these shows starting GA lines?
  4. In Amsterdam it wasn't a big venue. We came when the support act just started to play and could get a good spot. If you want to be front row you will have to go early I recon.