1. Another nearly song. Incredibly full when I listen to it now.
  2. A boring song, one to forget.
  3. I think the ending segment is the best part and should have been the chorus with a bridge thrown in also, it is an 'almost' piece.
  4. This song didn’t make any kind of impact on me the first time I listened to the album, but nowadays it’s probably the song I revisit the most. I made an edit to it, though, so that it repeats the ending segment twice, fading out on the second one. Like Eridesco said, it really is the best part of the song.
  5. I love Landlady! Agreed that the ending is the best though.
  6. i was there when debuted live !
  7. Little Things & Landlady segment on SOE is by far my favorite part of the album.
  8. Agree with Little Things but Landlady Is kinda boring...