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    Guess not as he didn't even assists the Paris concerts as he had just becoming father. So regarding the other cities ...
    I was in Paris for the second show and there was an american guy at the front row doing IEMs. He saw me taping with my Zoom H2 and asked if he could get a copy without offering anything, so why not him?
    No, he was recording everything from hotel room in 2017. Also, the bootlegged version came from his recording.
  2. Whos taking part?
    I offer 50$ for U2 Dublin 2017!
  3. Too late on Dublin, no idea if the folks running IEM there also ran for Noel.

    But Paris is a possibility.
  4. $80 so we can hear A Sort of Homecoming in all its glory!

    Or we just bidding on Noel’s set?
  5. Why too late?
  6. Because the show has past and I'm not sure Noel's set was recorded in Dublin.

    I'll agree with one8ung...put that money into your taping fund and start getting gear.
  7. I wasnt serious asking for U2 Dublin 2017 IEM recording!
  8. I guess Japan 2019 shows from Noel have been available on dime or ttd
  9. Yes I have those shows
  10. My ASOH Dub17 alarm just rang this morning and I didn't know why.