1. Do you feel loved.musically and lirically
  2. This was written two years ago, and I agree 100% with what this guy said back then:

    Originally posted by Bloodraven:Including everything, even all their collaborations:
    Haiti mon amour
    Maybe the only song that I hate that I know they were involved in any form.

    Including no collaborations but Passengers:
    I don't dislike none of it, but if I want to listen to Eno music, I'd rather play a Brian Eno album than this one, so even if I don't dislike them, pick almost any of the acoustic ones.

    Including b-sides and rarities but no collaborations at all:
    Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad.
    Similar to last one, if I ever wanted to listen Sinatra music (which I don't), I'd rather listen to him. I need to be in a very special mood to get into this one.

    Including only the 13 albums:
    4th of july, maybe.
    And I like it, but if there was the need to sacrifice one song in order for U2 to exist, that would be the one I could live without.


    Some comments on other songs:

    Boots: Nice song, terrible lead single.
    Stand Up: Nice b-side, very weak album track
    Stranger in a Strange Land: Nice demo
    The Refugee: Interesting b-side, weak album track

    Miami: awesome
    Grace: awesome
    Scarlet: awesome
    Numb: awesome
  3. Boots is thorough shite
  4. I love boots
  5. Boots and SUC rock

  6. I can't stand that one either!
  7. peace on earth.....yack..
  8. Haha, at least he had In A Little While.