The almost mythical status of U2's Acrobat
Over the past 10 years no U2 song has risen so much in popularity as Acrobat, the second to last song on Achtung Baby. But what is so special about ..
  1. Hurray for the Irony to be still passionatly fans of those reapeating punks..🤡
  2. Originally posted by SJKamal:Im glad that Europe is the second leg. Hopefully by then Red Flag Day, Summer of Love, Little things and Landlady would have made their way into the setlist.
    I have a feeling Red Flag Day will turn up in Europe if it doesn’t in America because the topic is more immediate over the pond. Over here, we know there’s a refugee crisis, but we don’t see it as up close as Europeans do
  3. As long as ACROBAT ( my all time favourite song ) is in the set list, I don't have any problem with rest of the songs in the set.