2018-05-15 - Inglewood
Tour: Experience and Innocence tour
Songs played: 28
Audio recordings: 4
  1. Im glad people got it
  2. Yeah! It must be sitting in your Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator folder and not uploaded yet!
  3. I reallly like this version of HMTMKMKM!
  4. Hey, I am still collecting footage for 5/16...I have original sources from 5 people! Really need IWF, Iris, Beginning of CW & You're the Best Thing. I have reached out to Nash (Above) as he as tons of great stuff, but only got the initial "OK" and no footage yet. Losslessjoel has been a big help reaching out, and getting sources!

    If you have anything that you can send (Original footage only, YT sources would be LAST resort), please let me know.