1. A very rare show available now in audio, U2 without Larry (who is substituted by another drummer) performing 34 songs two days before the Innocence and Experience tour opener in Vancouver.

    Courtesy of @nunomoreira1, info file:

    u2 2015-05-12 Rogers Arena, Vancouver

    Taper: nunomoreira1

    Gear: Tascam DR-2D Linear PCM Recorder + receivers

    Evening Rehearsals (FULL BAND with KEITH new drummer) 2 IEM MATRIX

    Edge & Bono IEM Matrix


    01- The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) - False Start
    02- The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
    03- Out of Control
    04- Vertigo
    05- I Will Follow
    06- Mofo (snippet)/ Iris
    07- Cedarwood Road
    08- Song For Someone
    09- Sunday Bloody Sunday
    10- Intro of Raised By Wolves
    11- Raised By Wolves
    12- Until The End Of The World
    13- Intermission
    14- Invisible
    15- Even Better Than The Real Thing
    16- Desire/ Love me Do (snippet)
    17- Mysterious Ways (acoustic) Love me Do (snippet)
    18- Bono Talking about talking about the story about The Sweetest Thing
    19- The Sweetest Thing (acoustic)
    20- Every Breaking Wave (acoustic)
    21- Bullet The Blue Sky
    22- The Hands That Built America (snippet) / Pride (In The Name Of Love) Invisible (snippet)
    23- The Troubles
    24- With or Without You
    25- Break
    26- Bono's funny phone call from the past
    27- City Of Blinding Lights
    28- Beautiful Day/ Ordinary Love
    29- Stephen Hawkins Intro
    30- Miracle Drug
    31- Bono Talking
    32- Mother And Child Reunion (snippet) / Where The Streets Have No Name
    33- Clapping to Keith
    34- I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (guitar only)

    Comments: This rehearsal was done 3 years ago with a new drummer called Keith. The band needed a new drummer to practice the
    rehearsals while Larry was away overseas to take care of his dad's funeral so they hired Keith. There's not a lot of information about this temporary drummer but he did quite a few rehearsals with U2. This is one of my favorite recordings,
    not only because it's a very rare one but because it gives a new perspective to the songs by having a new drummer. Highlights of this recording is all of it really but my favorite are: Out of Control, Desire, Mysterious Ways, The Troubles (what a great song!), Bono's funny phone call from the past, Miracle Drug and Where The Streets Have No Name.

    Don't try to mix this and share it again. This is the version that I choose to share with other fans and it was mixed
    to my ears. If you dislike it, or if this is not your type of recording (personal taste), you can skip it and let other people who apprecite this to enjoy. We don't need to know what you dislike about it either. Just move on to
    another recording of "your taste".

    I'll upload this on several sites. If it happens that I don't upload this on your site and you owners/ fans of
    those sites want to share it, don't forget to ask me first before you do it. If I don't see any problems, most likely I'll
    let you upload/ share my recording.

    Respect taper's privacy and wishes.

    Enjoy it, trade but never sell it. Buy their official albuns.


    Download here, MP3:
  2. Thank you very much Remy.
  3. But inevitably the question now is, will your download be available in Flac?
  4. Just...cool down Ramone...! All you ever want is MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE...

    not funny

    PS: Thanks @nunomoreira1 for sharing
  5. great! Thanks Nuno and Remy!
  6. I already appreciated it before making these comments.
    It's not my intention to bother.
  7. Thanks Nuno , i really like those rehearsals. One question , is there a recording of One Step Closer/Playboy Mansion?
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  9. thanks the both of you for sharing
  10. Very nice, thanks a million @nunomoreira1 I'm guessing this is when Larry's old fella passed. That makes this a very significant recording.
  11. YES! Now I got EXCITED!

    Thanks so much Remy and Nuno of course.

    P.S. Nuno you know this won't stop me asking more from Vancouver 2015