(remastered, repaired & pitch corrected)

    For a long time I wanted to share this repaired & pitch corrected remaster, but I never was satisfied with the final mix until today.
    And at some point it is good to finish a project as to start a new one. So before I change my mind, here it is:

    1985-04-18 Worcester MA - Centrum "Ever Peaceful"

    Spoiler (click to toggle)
    Worcester, MA
    April 18, 1985

    Recorded by unknown (using RossMan transfer)
    Remastered by BIGGIRL

    LINEAGE: Analog Cassette (2nd Generation)* > CD-R > EAC > .flac
    >[remaster]# > Nero WaveEditor ("transpose" -0.25 semi tone) >
    iZotope RX05 (De-click + De-hum + Spectral Repair + De-noise) >
    PristineSounds (level corrections, equalization, edit & track split)
    > Frontend FLAC (7) > .flac


    02-I Threw A Brick Through A Window
    03-A Day Without Me
    04-I Fall Down
    06-The Unforgettable Fire
    07-Two Hearts Beat As One
    09-Sunday Bloody Sunday
    10-Cry-The Electric Co.
    11-["Ever Peaceful"]
    12-A Sort Of Homecoming
    14-October/New Year's Day
    15-Pride (In The Name Of Love)
    16-Party Girl
    17-I Will Follow

    ^taken from "Ever Peaceful" bootleg (UAG > CD-R + pitch corr. & eq).

    *ORIGINAL notes:
    "Source: Analog Cassette (2nd Generation)>CDR>CDR(1)>EAC>FLAC (Level 8)
    Flac Transfer: RossMan (imabitter1@yahoo.com) [...]
    - Missing "40"."

    Dec. 2017 – Jan. 2018

    I always loved this show. It has the unusual set list with the three October tracks in the first part of the show. The beautiful
    "Dear Prudence" snippet in "A Day Without Me" and, of course, the introduction of the young boy named Ever Peaceful ("Ever,
    is his name," his father shouts!). In fact the whole show is strong with an exceptional good singing Bono and a very energetic
    Larry Mullen Jr. You can hear Edge and Adam working really hard to keep up with them, but I believe it only serves the concert
    as a whole.

    But in my memory the show sounded much better than when I recently revisited the recordings. There are three known
    digital sources for this show. In no particular order there is the cd-r "bootleg" Ever Peaceful, there is the Heath [Street] tape,
    and there is the RossMan "2nd Gen."
    The latter is the one with the most dynamics left, but it has a very uneven balance, a severe bunch of tape noise and an
    electric hum somewhere between the 20-90 Hz, and the 140-210 Hz range. And apart from all those issues, some pretty
    loud and intrusive screams combined with near-by clapping makes it a somewhat all too compromised listening experience.
    On top of that it occurred to me that the transfer runs a little too fast (something that is a bit hard to check with no
    comparison like a taped PA intro, but Adobe Audition is able to show a "Spectral Pitch Display" and it confirmed my suspicion).
    I thus corrected the pitch with NeroWaveEditor by -0.25 semi tone as to match distinct tonal frequencies (e.g. A, G, E) – not
    sure if I express myself correctly here, but I hope one gets the picture!

    With the iZotope RX05, I “de-clapped” the RossMan transfer using the "De-click" with custom settings and removed
    and/or softened most, if not all intrusive screams with the "Spectral Repair" tool (all manual approach; at least 20 hours
    30 hours of sweet TLC).
    Sharebear aka Hoserama was kind enough to build me a "De-hum" filter to remove the electric hum. It worked like a charm
    and it enabled me to bring up the hitherto buried bass with some simple equalizer settings.
    I also let iZotope suggest a "De-noise" (by using the "learn" function), but I soon enough found out that what used to be the
    A-side of the 2nd gen cassette had a different noise signature than what used to be the B-side. So I treated both sides
    Last but not least I had to take care of the odd balance and level fluctuations during the recording. Some parts were
    distinctively louder than other parts. And after trying to several tricks, I decided that the best way was, again, to treat everything
    manually with my good old PristineSounds – another dinosaur that still wanders around! It's s a very simple, but still effective
    program for editing that I know like the back of my hand after more than 15 years of experience. I guess it has become my
    signature program in the lineage, but it is safe to say that I wouldn't be here with this result if it wasn't for the iZotope RX05.
    Some final equalization was applied for a smooth and fresh sounding result.
    And to make it an all complete package, I have included the missing "40" from the Ever Peaceful CD-R bootleg (also pitch
    adjusted and equalized).

    A fair criticism would be that all my work had better been applied to a transfer straight from the master tape. And there
    is not much to argue say about that if that master would have been available. But, alas, this is not the case and I don't
    have the slightest idea if that master ever surfaces. So I took my chances and used whatever was at hand.

    Concluding my notes by expressing my gratitude to Sharebear (aka @Hoserama). Not only for kindly supplying a
    "de-hum" filter (and showing me the basics of such a thing), but also for introducing me to RX05 some 2 years ago already.
    It took me a while to feel comfortable with it, but this program has given me much joy over the past years. I much appreciate
    your ongoing support & encouragement along the way.
    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank @RossMan for transferring this 2nd gen copy. The final result of this project
    wouldn't be the same with out this copy in the first place!
    And while at it, I must mention the work of the magnificent @JEMS. Their dedication to audience recordings of all sorts
    of artists is beyond comparison and a true inspiration for me. JEMS is the measure of all audience recording mastering and
    their work is a blessing for live music lovers all over the world. And very I'm glad that U2 is included in their broad field of interest.

    Without much further ado, I simply hope this "remastered & repaired" U2 1985-04-18 Worcester MA "Ever Peaceful" show will be
    appreciated by the U2 audience recording connoisseurs.

  2. thnx
  3. One of the most special UF shows and a favorite of mine. Thanks Joyce!
  4. Thanks, Joyce! Time to check this one out! Final performances of I Fall Down, and the killer I Threw a Brick -> A Day Without Me combo, wow.
  5. Originally posted by CMIPalaeo:Thanks, Joyce! Time to check this one out! Final performances of I Fall Down, and the killer I Threw a Brick -> A Day Without Me combo, wow.
    See my review Matthew. A lot of special things happened during that show.
  6. Thank you Joyce. The Unforgettable Fire Tour is my favorite tour for listening to all of the audience bootlegs. The Unforgettable Fire song with the alternative lyrics is so special. Yours is definitely an upgrade in my listening experience.
  7. Thanks great work
  8. Thanks for the kudos guys