1. Hi Folks,

    Seen as how the dust has settled on the four amazing shows in Dublin,I was wondering if people would be interested in multicam`s? I am willing to edit all four nights as it looks like we will have plenty of time before they go on tour again

    If people are interested,which night should I start on first? All projects would be edited in Magix Movie Edit Pro 2019 using raw footage only. Anyone who is kind enough to contribute would get full credit in the end credits. So I am appealing for anyone who has shot footage from any of the Dublin shows to please get intouch @ hindutimes03@hotmail.com

    P.s I have finished the 2017 Croke Park Multicam, having watched it back in full twice there are a few re-edits to be done then it will be ready for release,which should be in the next week or so

    Thanks for taking the time to read this
  2. nice hope you can do it!!!
  3. Its looking like I will be starting with Dublin 4 followed by Dublin 3 as I have received some amazing footage for these nights already,obviously im still appealing to anyone who shot any footage to please make contact with myself. If you have uploaded to youtube please check the comments as I may have left a comment
  4. Hi Folks

    I'm still trying to acquire videos from the Dublin Shows,I have received quite a few raw files from nights 3 and 4,some of night 1 and none of night 2

    Many thanks to those who have already taken the time to contribute to the projects.

    I am in search of videos of the following songs for night 3 and 4:

    The Blackout
    Lights of home
    I will follow
    Zoo Station (can never get enough of it )
    Even better than the real thing
    Best thing
    Summer of love
    City of blinding lights
    Break/Women of the world
    Love is bigger

    or any videos you may want to share,if you have any please do get in-touch @hindutimes03@hotmail.com

    I have reached out to a graphics designer to help make artwork etc for these projects.I'm hoping that these show can really turn out in the best quality your all accustomed too.
  5. Very much a work in progress and definitely not the finished article.

    I am still gathering video and am still appealing to anyone who is willing to share anything they may have shot. If you would like to contribute please do get in touch @ hindutimes03@hotmail.com

    In the mean time I hope you enjoy this rough edit of Dirty Day

  6. Congratulations on your work, my friend. I'm sure it will look as good as Dublin 2017. Happy 2019 !!!
  7. I think I filmed the beginning of NYD Dublin 4 with my Sony A6000. It’s not a huge clip. I’ll have a look when I get home.
  8. great job !
  9. Originally posted by Welsh_Edge:I think I filmed the beginning of NYD Dublin 4 with my Sony A6000. It’s not a huge clip. I’ll have a look when I get home.
    Brilliant thank you
  10. Hi Guys,

    Quick update on the projects, I have received some really good footage so far and I plan to start editing today

    Whilst gathering and cataloging footage I have noticed that I have no video of the Intermission (HMTMKMKM) So I am wondering If anyone has shot this and is willing to share their files with me. Its such a great part of the show it would be a shame not to have it in the multicams

    If I you have responded to my message on youtube re: raw footage please do check your emails as I have replied to all.

    Again if anyone has any files that they would like to share please do get intouch @ hindutimes03@hotmail.com or dublin24112015multicam@gmail.com or indeed private message on here

  11. I would use footage from other cities for the intermission