1. I would like U2's 2019 tour not to happen.

    Where's my YouToo option?
  2. Haha. Me, too, apart from feeling bad for the all Asia/Pacific fans who haven't seen them in far too long.

    Either way, they should begin their next tour behind a new album in Australia.
  3. Think there are going to be hints of last three tours, to give some narrative to the shows. But greatest hits will be a big part of it.

    Expect that women of the world/LGBT rights message will also be part of the shows.
  4. If they ever do an outdoor concert, they should open it with a U2 plane flying over the stadium.
  5. This is tough

    I'm not sure a mix of the last 3 tours will work that well, JT just doesn't seem like it would gel well with the other material. Happy to be proven wrong though.

    I've seen both i+e & e+i, so I'd rather they go quite light on these tracks (although I enjoy both albums & tours a lot). Paul's right though, Blackout in a stadium would be sick!

    Interestingly, this could finally be U2's chance to have an innocence & experience night, played to audiences that haven't seen either tour. Unlikely.

    Didn't see JT tour, but don't want it totally rehashed. In saying that, I'd love to see parts of it, especially Exit! Throw in Streets, OTH, IGC. Unlikely, but I'd love to see God Part II, Hawkmoon, Love Rescue Me, AIWIY, Heartland (never going to happen). So I guess Lovetown gets my vote. The best of JT, plus a few cracking tracks from R&H. Although Mike said R&H wasn't well received, it is U2's highest selling album in Oz!

    Other option would be something totally new. But in combination with what. An EP? A new Best of, unlikely. Something more than a greatest hits tour hopefully.
  6. I would like to have the last three tours. That’s a mixture of wonderful songs. And if there would e one or two new songs I will die for it to listen. Haha! Dream out loud...