Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Legs (1): New Zealand, Australia and Asia
Shows: 15
  1. Is the Ticketmaster page down now?
  2. I was expecting something completely new.
    A new tour.
  3. Bringing the Joshua Tree Tour out for AustralAsia is probably a way for U2 to not have to continue touring beyond these continents.
    If they go out with a completely new tour and setup they might feel fans around the world would want them to bring it back to Europe and the US,

    this is merely housekeeping and fulfillment of a promise to come back to Australia bookending the 2017 tour.
  4. These guys just don't stop with the tours!.... Until they do and then we'll all be crying forever and a day!
  5. FYI. British Airways are having a sale for flights to Sydney and Flights + Hotel for Singapore. Finishes May 21st.
  6. JT30 was great...better than the original IMHO. I for one hope to see it....but HFB again? ..4 times was quite enough.
  7. Asian dates or Australia?
  8. Although I was hoping for the tour to come, I can’t believe that this will happen now ..I still remember how it felt when Bono said in Berlin that they are going away now (and it was meant to be for the Northern Hemisphere).
    I“m beyond excited
  9. JT tour again