2019-11-12 - Brisbane
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 1
  1. Originally posted by Sydney_MIke:[..]
    For Friday in Auckland, I got notification via email on Tuesday morning saying the ticket will be released at 5pm. After that, I logged into my TM account and was able to access it under 'My Events'. A remarkably smooth process; queuing for GA was far more complicated.
    Ticketmaster were the vendor for Auckland though ,Ticketek sell for Brisbane ,Adelaide and Sydney.
    So its a slightly different procedure ,I think I have it now so all good.
  2. Originally posted by 88stillhere:Could Someone please consider broadcasting on Periscope?! Please?! SO many people would Greatly appreciate efforts at that !!!!💓♥️👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    We'll stream parts of the show live on our Instagram stories.
  3. Originally posted by Fano:I figured out how to get the mobile tickets in case anyone is interested.
    You need to go to the original confirmation email that you bought the tickets with and there is a separate link in there for each ticket .
    Logging into the account doesn't display them ,god only knows where the sms they sent has gone .
    Phew .

    Thank good tip!
  4. Just arrived in Brisbane, the weather is great! Too bad about the fires, you can really smell team when you get out.
  5. Oh and queuing is hard queuing again, so expect to stay if you want to queue, even overnight.

  6. Welcome to Brisbane!!!
  7. Can't wait, unfortunately have to work on the Tuesday and probably get to Suncorp by around 3pm so won't be able to line up, going to be a scorcher (mid to late 30's c) guys and gals.
  8. Anyone knows the hotel they’re staying in?
  9. Not at all. I’m not even going to Brisbane, but even if I were, I would like to know where they’re staying, because I could meet them & get a vinyl signed or whatever.
  10. I was wondering whether this is a thing in Australia anyway, queuing for their hotel? Or is this only a Europe thing?

    In the US this rarely happens, all meeting happens at the venue. Same for NZ.