1. Legendary, man, just legendary. That's so damn awesome.
  2. WOW ! Incredible story!!! thanx for sharing 2019 JT should be a blast for you too!!!
  3. Hell yeah! Not the best footage out there but surely a nice document (and since there's not much from Lovetown out there at all, eveything is more than welcome). None of it includes our friend @Stu22 though

    Same footage -but worse quality- as above but including a press conference at the end:

    And a news report:
  4. What an amazing experience, Stuart, so happy for you that all of this happened Thank you for telling your story wishing you the best of times for JT2019
  5. What a fucking awesome read! Brilliant stuff, thanks for sharing it. And anyone who grew up on U2, SM and REM is always alright by me. All the best for JT2019... it's been a long time coming, you guys more than deserve some U2 love down under.

  6. Man. I loved this interview!!!!! Top 5 star!!!!!
  7. Hey Remy where r u staying in Perth? Got time for a catch up? I work in the centre of the city if you’re planning on coming in tomorrow or Wednesday....
  8. lucky bastard,
  9. Stu has to be the Fan Of The Month with the lowest amount of Posts