1. Episode 6 of the U2start podcast!

    The U2start Podcast brings you insights into the world of U2 and U2 fans. We talk with passionate and dedicated fans and take you with us in an adventure around the world following U2 on their 2019 Joshua Tree tour.

    Your podcast hosts are myself and Joeri. The music is created by LikeASong.

    Episode #6 - From The Great Ocean Road To Adelaide

    A day before the show in Adelaide we are joined in the city by Anita from The Netherlands, a fan who had quite a special experience with Bono back in 2015. We talk about the shows in Melbourne and Brisbane and have a look at what the local media is saying about The Joshua Tree shows. We go back in time to review the history of "The Drifting Cowboys" and try to make sense of what Edge and Larry are talking about during the shows.

    You can listen to the podcast on our podcast page, but we are also on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Stitcher and TuneIn. Just search for "U2start".
  2. Flying to Sydney right now, good time to catch up on these podcast
  3. Drifting Cowboys has to be like a 3rd rate half legend/myth that has been in U2 lore for years.

    Dear U2, with the internet we are onto you with this shit. LOL.
  4. Remy, Toronto 17 also started with an open roof and finished with a closed one.