1. 1 i+e Tour
    2 JT2017

    3 e+i Tour

  2. I’d say 2nd best since after zoo tv behind only COBL. Breathe is a better song imo but didn’t work as well as an opener as Blackout.
  3. I might be a little biased since this was the first time I've seen them, but probably E+I. I do understand where people are coming from that recycling the Innocence section was a bit lazy (though if Willie Williams is to be believed apparently they wanted more people to hear that part of their story since they didn't get to as many cities in 2015) but I loved getting a chance to hear that part of the show as I didn't get a chance to see I+E. Plus hearing Gloria, Acrobat, and Staring At The Sun were a real treat for me. Probably the only thing that would have made it better was throwing Streets in there (I also missed JT17 lol) but I also get their reasons for not playing those songs and the new material held up well imo.
  4. For me is I&E by far the best tour. Fresh and a new stage, some historic performances. After 2015 Bono's voice and live performance left him. E&I was just a copy of I&E, but with not their best songs, all very predictable. The tour was saved by AB songs. I had high expectations of JT2017, but for now I prefer to listen to the record. Only Exit beats the studio version. The rest was actually like we have already heard before or worse like RHMT and One Tree Hill.
  5. IE for sure
  6. Obviously being in Oz I've only been able to see JT19 in person, but I think e&i would have to be my pick from the bulk audio and video I've seen! Really wish they had have brought that tour down here...

    p.s where's that guy who was getting stuck into everyone at even the thought that i&e or e&i could possibly be better than JT17.

  7. JT2019 was in a part of the world that didn't get to see the other 3 tours, and the part of the world that got the other 3 didn't get the added one. For most this poll doesn't have a new option and for (most of) the Australians/Asians this poll only has one option. It's a bit weird.
  8. EI
  9. I voted E+I but was heavily influenced by the shows I saw. My favourite in terms of setlists is I+E (but I liked all 3 tours I saw A LOT)
  10. I & E largely because of the punk 4 pack opener.

    That said, I enjoyed all three. As I will four...as soon as it happens.