1. Episode 9 of the U2start podcast!

    The U2start Podcast brings you insights into the world of U2 and U2 fans. We talk with passionate and dedicated fans and take you with us in an adventure around the world following U2 on their 2019 Joshua Tree tour.

    Your podcast hosts for this episode are Remy and Joeri. The music is created by LikeASong.

    Episode #9 - Seoul, Manila and Ending in Mumbai

    The last 3 shows of The Joshua Tree 2019 tour are the focus of this episode and we talk about it with those who were there. We talk setlists, local fan experiences and share anecdotes from Seoul, Manila and Mumbai. We also answer questions from fans and discuss in length what’s next for U2, reviewing the status of the upcoming concerts films, new albums and what a future tour could look like. We thank you for a great 2019 and look forward to a new year of podcasts in 2020!

    You can listen to the podcast on our podcast page, but we are also on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Stitcher and TuneIn. Just search for "U2start".
  2. Thanks for your kind words and support on the podcast this year. It has been listened to from almost 70 different countries which far exceeds what we were hoping for. U2 fans are everywhere, what a band!
    We'll be back in 2020. 👏
  3. Tremendous band, tremendous fans, tremendous U2Start website !

    A little bit sorry that the 2 Singapore shows were missed out of the podcast series but since I was there I know how special they were !

    Met wonderful people from all over...Singapore, KL, Phillipines, HK, Thailand, USA, Netherlands, Indonesia, Oz, Spain, Greece, Croatia... the list goes on, and us all with one thing in common..U2..

    Thanks for all your hard work Remy and Team...here's to 2020.

    2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 has been an asbolute U2 blast. I have seen as many shows in these last 4 years as I had in the previous 31 years.

    Can anyone tell me that it has not been wonderful ?!
  4. Great podcast, Remy, and as someone who attended the last three shows, pretty accurate.

    It wasn't easy (if we ever go back to India you need to do a special edition entitled "getting a SIM in India as a foreigner", it involves lots of calls to the government and to the phone company, or alternatively getting an 8 year old kid to buy one for you, with his parents permission, in exchange for candy and I do believe the last car just might be ready to leave the Philippine Arena parking lot) but I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything. Have great memories of meeting fans seeing U2 for the first time and the looks in their eyes were priceless. Felt the same way, albeit a bit less drastic, in Tulsa and Omaha. Let's hope the band makes a point of hitting new markets every tour from this point on.

    And thanks to U2start. I don't travel to spend my time online, I travel in part to get away from the internet, so a combo of your site, forum and Twitter feed was all I needed to navigate the various issues that presented itself in GA. Other sites not needed, which was a big time saver.

    FYI: my manifestation of Bono Mono was officially diagnosed today as Influenza type B by the NHS. It apparently is not as severe as the worst flu out there but takes forever to completely go away. So to those still suffering there is hope: about 4-6 weeks from exposure to complete recovery. Happy holidays, all.
  5. Listened to this last night (nearly a year later lol) and enjoyed it. Although sometimes you kept talking over each other and the background music was distracting at times. Was interesting to hear about the the Manila and Mumbai gigs.