1. I think I was one of the first to have watched it on a Spanish channel! at first i was very excited ... but gradually i started to notice the things that i didn't like! the light too dark ! the shoting without rythme ... in short, the bande did a good job but I classify this concert last. I want Hamish Hamilton back!

  2. If you're watching with all the lights off then shots like these get really annoying. It literally blinds you!
  3. Hi guys. The beginning with elevation and vertigo does not make me excited. I enjoyed when Acrobat started and the sequence with "Best Thing", "Summer", "Pride", Get up "and" New Yers Day "is very strong and intense. But I confess that I prefer" Best Thing "not acoustic, I like the fulll mode that was played in 2017. "City blinding lights" is more of the same, and the last three songs "One", "Love is Bigger" and "13" also have strength but could be more "up", since it wasn't a goodbye as it seemed to be.

    It's hard to do an analysis, at least for me because what I most want to watch is the opening part with "Whos gonna", "Gloria", "Dirty day", "Stay" ...

    Compared to other AudioVisuals, it is a long way from "Red Rocks´83", "the two from elevation´s 01", but it will be much better than "Paris´15".

    On a scale of 1 to 10, my grade is 6.5, but I believe that watching the full work, this grade should rise to 8.

  4. for me the best moment of the concert !

  5. too dark !

  6. too dark !
  7. It's not just the "brightness" (that's a very simple approach). They should bump the shadows, lower the contrast and get the damn whole metering right. To me it looks like the kind of video release one band does when they didn't fill out the venue where they were recording at and they don't want viewers to notice. Other than the band and screen, it's freaking PITCH BLACK down there...
  8. I think people are making too much of a big deal about the darkness of the broadcast. Watch some YouTube videos and you’ll see it was a dark show, the lighting was dark in the venue. I don’t think it’s an issue. I can see everything clearly, I get the right vibe from the show.

    Just an example
  9. Different venue here but again look how dark it is in London during NYD

    It’s just the way they wanted the show to be.

    Final one from Milan full show and this really gives you some great examples of how dark it was.

  10. Looks like we're not getting any film anytime soon.