1. No one knows how long until U2 can and will tour again, and with many people forced to stay at home we thought it would be a good idea to help you out with things to do and watch. Thanks to the rich history of shows and the countless fans putting hours into creating fan-made videos of shows, we have started to catalogue all full U2 live shows and added them to their respective show on our show pages.

    We have chosen to use YouTube links so you can play them easily. You can find the video on the show page of a show with video under the "video" tab.

    We also created an overview page with all 500+ U2 shows we've added so far:

    Thanks to the crew who spent a lot of time adding shows, uploading new ones to YouTube and making the list as complete as possible. As we will find or add more, we will of course add them. If you see a show missing you know has an (almost) full recording please make it known so we can add it.

    So if you have some spare time, pick a show, press play and off you go!
  2. Wow this looks insane. Thank you everyone who worked on putting these together!!
  3. Just had a quick look,works for me Great addition,well played to all who put the time & effort in for this feature.Thank you & stay safe people...
  4. Thank you U2Start for doing this
  5. Thank You !
  6. Are official video’s allowed?
  7. It works perfectly

    A huge thanks to all of you involved for your time and work you put into this
    What a wonderful addition to the site
  8. Nice work. This is great! Congrats on putting it altogether!
  9. great !