1. Episode 13 of the U2start podcast!

    The U2start Podcast brings you insights into the world of U2 and U2 fans.

    Your podcast hosts are Remy and Joeri. This episode features jrodr079 as honorary host. The music is created by LikeASong.

    Episode #13 - An industry update and U2 anecdotes from Jake Berry

    Jake Berry has been working with U2 as the production director since the Elevation tour and we got the opportunity to talk with him. Times are tough for the concert industry and Jake tells us what's happening and what the future might look like (spoiler: hopeful). Working with U2 for so long means many great memories and stories and Jake shares some of those with us for this special podcast episode.

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  2. Great scoop!

    I wonder how many times Jake said "y'know" in the interview haha. It was a lot y'know
  3. Great scoop and Podcasht Remy
  4. Another great scoop.
  5. Will certainly check this out, awesome!
  6. Excellent podcast, I really enjoyed it.