1997-09-30 - Tel Aviv
Tour: Popmart
Songs played: 26
Audio recordings: 2
  1. Damn I was expecting Sunday Bloody Sunday! Haha!
  2. Originally posted by PageU2:[..]
    If the band ever plays Pop in full live during its Anniversary I'd love to see them with Adam and Larry accompany them. Maybe Edge brings back his strat and fuse the early versions with acoustic.
    The problem with Pop and Popmart was that (some) fans took it way too serious, and the band way too little...

    But as far as I can understand it, Pop & Popmart was mainly all about irony...

  3. Karaoke!
  4. ROTFL! Love the mess up at the end!
  5. Karaoke with Mr. The Edge!
  6. Edge
  7. They didn't do the karaoke in Tokyo/Osaka? Boo, that would've went down well there
  8. Yeah, this a pretty good version

    Edge almost in BeeGee land
  9. LA was the best karaoke though.
  10. At some point karaoke was replaced with accoustic Sunday Bloody Sunday...I think