1. Didn’t see the Lovetown shirt online might be a EU exclusive
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    Wasn't there talk by his family and friends to continue to update the books? at this point they would be better off just putting out a completely new book post Elevation tour as there have been so many tours since then.

    I seem to remember that those involved where completely drained from the project and vowed to never do it again. I was impressed how later editions followed the same style, fonts etc.
  3. Truthfully, so much has happened since 2003 that a brand new edition is in order.
  4. I don’t think you should have a problem?
  5. Ohhh okay I thought it would be because it wasn’t listed in the US, I’ll try to get it
  6. You can always double check and ask them or see if there is shipping info somewhere
  7. The US Store ships from the USA, but anyone can purchase from it.
    The UK Store ships from the UK, but anyone can buy from it.

    They only mark them as it makes it easier for residents of the USA or UK to buy from their own country and not have to pay import fees. (And with the UK being part of the EU, I assume it did use to help those in the EU as well.) But yes, you can order from either...